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You have invested a lot in your website. Creating content, updating blog, feeding your social media channels, paying for email marketing tools, SEO, Google AdWords and yet you don’t sell as you always dreamt of? Cavaon can help you.

In fact, a website that does not convert in sales is a common thing in the digital world. Unfortunately, this is one of the main reasons why small business goes bankrupt. If your website is not reaching its goal, you need to evaluate your strategies and understand where things are going wrong.

Here are some key reasons why your website traffic is not converting into sales:

The offer is bad

Investing in traffic is essential and often the website has excellent content, sponsored links, online advertising and yet still has poor results. This is because the offer is not being perceived as it should Offering is not about promotion or discounts, but about how you organise information and present it to your customer. This information is your “Unique Selling Proposition”, the benefits your customer will have when buying your branded product or service, not going to the competition. It also comes to the experience gained with the product, the guarantees, and all the advantages they will have when buying.

A good offer demonstrates your differential, which will be converted into benefits to your customer. There are a few things you could do to enrich your offer:

  • Add value: show why the consumer needs it; make clear its differential with the competition; indicate all benefits and apply social proof (testimonials from people who were satisfied with your product).
  • Provide ALL relevant and useful product and/or service information: be thorough in this regard. If you demonstrate to the consumer that you have more information to offer you will generate value.
  • Awaken a sense of need: explain the practical utility of that product for the customer. Customer needs to see himself using what you sell and realise the transformation it will cause in his life. With this insight, he will understand that he needs what you offer.
  • Awaken Consumer Confidence: If there is no consumer confidence, it will be difficult to generate conversions. One thing that can help you build confidence is to use the trigger of authority. It can help your client see you as a true expert who can help you.


You do not generate qualified leads

It’s no use investing in sponsored links and having a great offer if you’re not attracting qualified leads to your business. Random leads simply won’t convert to customers, and that means all your work can go down the drain.

Leads are people or companies that can really become customers. Therefore, attracting people who are interested in what you do, who may be real and potential consumers, is essential to achieve conversion.

Persona study helps you understand who your target audience is, and through this planning, you can think of how to act on what they are looking for and consuming.

For you to turn a lead into a qualified lead, it is very important to align your strategies by attracting not inquisitive but future buyers to your business. Invest in digital marketing strategies that help you put it into practice. Offering free downloadable content such as e-books, whitepapers, and themed videos, for example, can help you generate more qualified leads.

Always remember that good results mean work and marketing effort aligned with a good sales action.


You are not using social proof

Social proof is one of six elements of persuasion addressed by psychologist and writer Robert Cialdini. Some digital marketing strategists consider this to be one of the strongest strategies for building trust and encouraging a lead to buy.

Social proof generates comfort because there are other people talking about the product. Therefore, testimonials from users who know your work and are happy with it is essential to generate this feeling in your potential customer.

You can start by inviting your customers to give their opinion about the product or service and then make that information available on your site. As we are social beings, we care a lot about what others are thinking, doing or following. If a lot of people are buying that product it’s because it must be very good, isn’t it?


Unique Selling Proposition is unknown

Having a differential makes all the difference!

People are very tired of seeing “more of the same”, so you should always strive to stand out from the competition for having some significant differentiator. If you are just one in the market, why should people buy from you and not from the other?

You might ask yourself: “If my product is very similar to the one offered by competitors, how can I differentiate myself?”

Start by knowing your competition and your audience very well. You can only show your difference if you can assess every detail of what others are doing and know your own consumer’s mindset well.

Your differential may be in service, payment methods, agility; solving problems, ease of communication, bonuses, excellence in service, information, something very good and unique you must have.


Landing pages are unsatisfactory

Landing pages can also hurt your website sales. In fact, they do a lot of damage. And this is another very common mistake that hits more business owners than you might think. Maybe you are suffering from this and have not even realised it yet.

The ease of customizing their own pages has led many people to start creating landing pages on their own without the support of qualified professionals. This can be a good side as it optimises the time and allows the page to be done exactly the way you want it to.

But it can also be a problem, as lack of knowledge and experience can be a disaster for your conversions. And when it comes to landing page design, it’s not enough to have a beautiful layout and attractive design. Each element must be in place, working hard to make each conversion happen.

There are a few things to ensure your website has a good landing page:

  • Rule 1: Give a good first impression so the visitor stays for more than thirty seconds on the page.
  • Rule 2: Ensure good page speed. Slow loading is synonymous of fast quitting.
  • Rule 3: Give a lot importance of titles. Your landing page title should bring a clear, useful and have a persuasive message. It’s through the title that the consumer decides whether to continue the navigation.
  • Rule 4: Make sure you look good. Layout and designs are very important.
  • Rule 5: Do not put elements that take the user off the page. Landing page calls-to-action should be solely and exclusively focused on conversion. You must convince the customer to take the action you want him to take.


You despise the contact form

This is common for a non-converting website, but this basic element is still very important and relevant and can help a lot in the success of your business.

In many cases, this page will be the most efficient means of communication between you and your customer. That’s why it’s good for you to invest in an objective contact form with an attractive, simple layout that is accessible to the reader.

You can also make the contact email visible, so the reader can contact you and send you any questions or messages whenever they feel the need. And for that to work, you need to be fully available and willing when your customer to contact and ask any questions.

You can create your contact form yourself or ask your programmer to do it for you. Make it visible to visitors, preferably in the menu next to the other pages.


Time has come to convert more

It’s not so difficult to make a website convert more. You just need to invest in the right things and work harder to change the picture of what’s wrong in the strategy. There are numerous aspects that may be hurting your results. You don’t have to focus on all of them at once, but it’s important to know that all these areas deserve your attention in one way or another.

One thing you should never ignore when it comes to driving conversion is the importance of consistency. There are things that will take time to change, but with the right tools and actions, you can get the traffic on your website converting to leads.

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