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You may have heard a lot about investing in digital, however, only a few can justify this initiative in a concrete way, making it clear how your business can grow from it. Is important not to invest in digital just because everyone is doing it, but because you understand what benefits this action will actually bring to your company.

How is your company acting in the digital environment? Have you tried investing or even starting a digital project in your business? It is time to think about it! Here are some reasons why it’s time to invest in digital to gain and retain more customers.


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Investing in digital builds and strengthens presence


Channels like Google and Facebook provide tools for you to build and strengthen your digital presence. And if you don’t make the most of it, you are losing customers!

However, it’s not enough to just put your business address on Google My Business or create a Facebook page, for example. Having a website is still a key strategy. Not only is the site a unique space for your business, it is the foundation for valuable campaigns and strategies to bring more customers and increase relevance. 

Google’s first hit is known to have 33% of all traffic related to that term. That is, it’s time to think about how to format your site so that it has relevance to those keywords that are being searched. It is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Metrics such as click-through-rate (CTR), for example, are used by Google search engines to qualify your site. And for this to be optimized, it is important to invest so that your site has good navigation and usability. A good site should be responsive, that is, navigable on all devices.

It qualifies your audience by increasing your ideal customer base

Why Invest In Digital

Investing in digital is also investing in content. Depending on your business, aggregating relevant information is what you need to attract customers. And the way with the highest potential return for this is by having your blog.

Maybe not everyone knows your product or service. Or, if they do, they may not even feel the need or desire to consume it. Make the most of your own website marketing tools to create your company blog and generate useful and relevant content. This not only attracts customers close to closing but also qualifies your audience and prepares them to consume what you have to offer.

Because you can quickly serve your audience wherever they are

The great asset of investing in digital is knowing who exactly your audience is. And that makes communicating your business more assertive. With the right tools and solutions, you can monitor activities, profiles, and create highly targeted digital marketing campaigns and strategies.

Plus, you create direct channels to communicate with your audience. Service channels can be enhanced by investing in digital. Imagine automating a sales channel while your sales team can focus on closer, personalized service with the best customers at the bottom of their sales funnel? Now you can!

Investing in digital is cheap and generates big returns

Contrary to the myth that involves more traditional digital marketing, online advertising can be very affordable – yet very efficient. Studies indicate that it can be up to 62% cheaper and three times more effective than traditional marketing techniques.

Thus, the value demanded and the return on investing in digital is unmatched. Offline campaigns can be costly and, worse, not delivering the results you seek, not adhering to certain segments of your potential audience.

Already combining strategies for optimizing your site, robust blog and social content planning, and solutions that automate operational processes, you can have great customer conversion results by investing much less.

Because your competitor is probably behind

Why Invest In Digital

With the increasing adoption of online platforms by companies, there is still a good chance your competitor may not yet have a more effective online presence – which is a great opportunity for you to leverage timing and innovate by winning these customers first!


As we have seen, investing in digital is a great opportunity for your company. With affordable investment and great potential for attracting new customers, the online environment can be the missing showcase for your brand to scale and improve your sales.

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