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Viral marketing is any type of media that has become extremely popular in a short time. It can be a YouTube video, a Facebook post, a blog post, a tweet or any content that is shared thousands and thousands of times. But you may be wondering: how to create a viral marketing piece?

In fact, it’s almost impossible to predict which campaigns will go viral and which ones won’t. Nevertheless, there are some strategies you can use to increase your chances of having your campaign going viral.

First, you need a well-defined message to convey, the viral aspect comes second. Content begins to go viral automatically as your brand is exposed to a new audience you might never be able to reach organically.

If you want to learn how, keep reading our guide to eight strategies for making your content marketing viral.

Be Creative

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No use of trying to copy the success of other companies. The internet is fast, and things get old even faster. In content production, try to do something original, creative and that reaches the audience in some impactful way. Generally, if it’s funny or exciting, people are much more likely to want to share.

Just be sure to keep this creativity in sync with your brand. After all, it’s no use developing a video or an extremely funny image if it has nothing to do with the product being served. The public needs to remember it!


Understand What A Content Leads to Viralize

When wondering how to make content viralize, you may find that the answer is completely random. In fact, not quite. What happens is that the audience responds more easily to the content on the agenda, and the agenda changes very quickly. You must be aware of what’s going on in pop culture, the news, politics and everything. So, you can act at the right time and place.

Just be careful not to miss the approach, as some issues are more sensitive than others. Going viral for the wrong reasons would not do your business any good!


Keep Your Content Complete

Create something that is comprehensive and reaches the most different audience levels. Some emotions are common to all, such as humour – however, some types of humour do not work with portions of the population. When designing your content, think about it.

A good technique is to make the content first and associate it with the brand only when there is a climax. The mark will be remembered, and the content will not be diminished by it.


Make Lists and Images

People love lists and pictures. Define a compelling and relevant theme of the moment and put it in a list format and add relevant or funny images that complete the subject. Learning techniques that enhance your creative skills will help you when organizing guidelines for your viral content.

No wonder BuzzFeed is a market case in the creation of viral and engaging content, as the company links these two tactics together.


Encourage Interaction

Do you specialize in any interesting subject?

People want and wait for content they can discuss about. And the more your content arouses it, the more it will be shared. Interactive content, like quizzes, is a great way to do this.


Use Memes and Be Quick

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Memes are types of content that are already viralised by themselves and you can take the hook to create your content based on one of them. In that case, timing is everything! Don’t wait for the subject to “cool down” to spread the content you create, as you will seem late.

A great example of timing was Oreo’s tweet during the 2013 Superbowl blackout. While all the excitement was going on, the company used Twitter to comment intelligently, funny and quickly about it.


Disclose in Mass Channels

You may have created the best example of viral marketing of the year, but it won’t help if people don’t find out about your jewellery. YouTube, where most internet videos are posted, has over 20 hours of uploads been done every minute. You need to make sure that your post, wherever it is, is seen by the public.

To do so, use social networks, the largest platforms for digital marketing. Use Facebook pages with many followers and YouTube channels with many subscribers. Don’t forget Twitter, WeChat and WhatsApp.


Allow Sharing

Add a disclosure permission at the bottom of your latest infographic, video or image that explicitly gives other bloggers permission to share.

You can allow full playback of content, with only credit for your blog as a rule. Having referrals from your site to larger ones can help you not only gain a new audience, but also with your blog SEO. 

Learn six easy steps on how to increase visits to your site and create other strategies to improve your reach.

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