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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the way to conduct the business of organisations, characterised by taking into account the impact that all aspects of their activities have on their customers, employees, shareholders, local communities, the environment and the society in general.

It implies the mandatory compliance with national and international social, labor, environmental and human rights legislation, as well as any other voluntary action that the company may undertake to improve the quality of life of its employees, the communities in which it operates, and society as a whole.

In recent times, standards and models have been developed in the field of social responsibility which is gaining wide international diffusion.


What is the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility for your business?

Social responsibility goes beyond compliance with rules and standards, contributing to organisations that enforce it in the following advantages and benefits:

  • Substantially enhances company image.
  • Improvement in the image of the product/service provided.
  • Significant increase in employee motivation.
  • Increased talent recruitment and retention capabilities.

Any company, public or private, regardless of sector or size, can implement a Corporate Social Responsibility standard.


How to apply CSR in your business 

Corporate Social Responsibility

Social responsibility demonstrates that the company is interested in broader social issues rather than just those that affect its profit margins, which will attract customers who share the same values. Therefore, it is good for business to operate sustainably.

There are a few actions that you can start implementing to generate more Social Responsibility. 

For example, some employees working as volunteers for an hour a week at a charity will show that the brand is committed to helping others. As a result, the company will look much more consumer-friendly.

With the advent of social networking, if the organisation is committed to ethical practices, this news will spread. More people will associate the brand with social, which increases recognition as a trusted product or service.

A few simple sustainability changes, such as using fewer packages, will help lower your production costs. By embracing social responsibility, the company will stand out from competitors in its industry because it will establish itself as an organisation committed to taking it a step further and considering social and environmental factors.

By announcing that the company uses sustainable systems on the Internet, coupled with a story based on its efforts, customers will follow along with and engage with its brand and operations. This will also engage your employees. They like to work for a company that has a good public image than one that doesn’t. In addition, by showing that it is committed to things like human rights, the company is much more likely to attract and retain the best candidates.

It should not be forgotten that generation Z will enter the workforce in the coming years. They are the ones born after and want socially responsible products, more corporate transparency and will continue to support brands that align with their beliefs. 


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