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In the past couple of years, technology has changed the way we behave and interact with the outside world. One clear example is the mobile apps – which goes beyond the possibility of interactions on social networks.

Banking apps ensure payments of bills and analysis of statements, in the relationship spectrum, it brings us closer to people we’ve never seen before. Transport applications take us back and forth (such as the famous and controversial Uber) and business apps make it easier to perform purchases and contracting services.

Based on this information, you must also be asking yourself: Is it time to create a mobile app for my business?

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We have listed some benefits:

1. Visibility

When you build an app, your brand is more visible to customers and potential customers. Just by having it, your company name will already be listed in the stores, making it easier for users to find in the search and know more about what the company has to offer.

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2. Proximity

When a user installs an app on their smartphone, most likely this user wants to be closer and engage with the brand.

These users can leave opinions, queries and suggestions for improvements. The brand has direct feedback and can make the system even more pleasant and with better user experience. All of these creates the perfect opportunity to broaden customer relationships and, thereby, create loyalty.

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3. Appreciation

As you know, the current consumer is much more connected, informed and seeks an omnichannel experience. By offering an app to users, the brand gains value because it shows that it is in tune with trends and it’s always improving to offer the best possible experience.

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4. Communication

By having a communication channel installed on the smartphones of customers and potential customers, the company has full control over the sending of notifications and messages, which helps informing about promotions, news and other strategic actions. This channel opens a huge range for sales and, consequently, a higher turnover.

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How to build a successful app?

Are you convinced that investing in an app can be what It’s missing to make your business more successful? So here are some tips on how to have a successful app that gives you more interaction, loyalty, and therefore sales:

  • Define the main objectives and problems to be solved by your brand’s app.
  • Know deeply the real needs of your target audience;
  • Make sure the app has good usability, offers an excellent shopping experience, intuitively and simplified;
  • Make a good investment in the design and layout, as they are the first consumer contact with the brand.
  • Create marketing strategies that are especially focused on mobile apps. Promote social networks, videos, website, and ads in other apps to make more and more users aware of your application.
  • Integrate with analytics tools such as google analytics. It generates data on number of downloads, time of navigation, most accessed screens and other important information for the measurement of results;
  • Hire skilled professionals, such as designers and programmers, or agencies like Cavaon to make the app attractive and functional.

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