Why do you want to apply Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on the website?

There are 4 advantages of using SEO

1. The Most Targeted Traffic

Traffic from search engine would be the most targeted traffic because People go online and search for information or search for things they want to buy and they have a high intention of purchasing the thing and therefore also have a high conversion rate.

2. Less Advertisement Cost

You are generating inbound traffic instead of going out to advertise the customer, your customers or potential customers they search on the Internet and found your website. They come to you instead of you going out to them.

3. Higher Conversion Rate compared to Outbound Marketing

It’s one of the highest conversion rate compared to the makerting channel especially outbound marketing channel where you post on the forums or advertise on classifieds for example

4. Great For Internet Marketers or Entrepreneurs

You can spend a lower budget compared to advertisement, what do you need is a time and effort for your website to rank on page one.

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