Augmented Reality For Your Travel Organisation

Cavaon and Oclanay are partnering together to bring you a great value-adding service for your travel organisation.

Augmented Reality

Providing a customised app that will enable users to use their mobile phones to enhance their travel experiences by seeing overlay info pertinent to what they look at, and to hear what they see as well.

  • Let your travellers experience the sites you want them to see deeper than ever before with Augmented Reality, a way of annotating the world on their mobile phones!
  • Customise basic elements of your app through a secure web page – all of your customers that have downloaded the app will update in after you publish the changes.
  • Change elements such as font, text, marker colours and even voice streaming.
  • Create your own custom speech in any language and link to it using the admin panel. Simply record a youtube audio item and point the app for a given tour site to the url. The youtube audio need not be public.
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