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About OZPi

OZPi mobile APP is suitable for catering like Hotels and Cafes’ table management and food ordering. It combined with the traditional ordering system, it provides a set of efficient, stable, reliable and advanced solutions for the management of restaurants, hotels, cafes and other industries. It changes the manual management methods of the catering, support online and offline payments, and improving service efficiency and operational efficiency.

How it Works ?

OZPi optimise traditional ordering, improve service and operational efficiency.

Included Features

  • Dish management
  • Table setting
  • Order over the phone
  • Reservation through the APP
  • Promotion Setting
  • Financial Report
  • The best-selling dishes
  • Voice reminder of new orders and reservations
  • Cloud printing
  • Support both Online & Offline Payment

Light Equipment

Just a mobile phone and stickers, you can take advantage of this digital technology to increase sales and minimus the cost.

Simple Carrier

Simply install OZPi App to your Mobile devices and turn your menu digitally in just a few minutes.

Cloud Printing

Could Printer prints the orders automatically for both chef and customers with voice reminder.

OZPi Food Ordering System

This App is available to download on both Android Play Store & Apple App Store

Want to learn more about how this food ordering system can help your business? Please visit OZPi official website

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