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Buying habits are changing, consumers have been looking for greater convenience and convenience in their purchases. While still maintaining high standards of service requirements and product quality, companies must adapt to this new demand.

And that’s where SEO comes in, helping companies that want to reach their audience through digital marketing. We have chosen a few trends for you. But first..


Do you know what SEO is?

Basically SEO are techniques and tools used to optimize content developed for online use, in order to gain greater visibility, that is, to achieve greater prominence when google users perform searches related to the content developed.

A well-worked SEO website or blog will achieve better positioning and engagement that can be converted into leads, which are the goals aimed when applying SEO techniques.


What’s new?

Google often performs updates on search algorithms. These updates directly affect the SEO application and the way Google ranks and presents each site on search pages.

We have chosen a few major trends to keep an eye on: 


Voice Search

SEO Trends

When we said consumer behaviour has changed a lot over the last few years, we also mean that this change tends to be increasing.

A reflection of this is the popularity of voice assistants, who greatly assist the daily lives of thousands of people who use smartphones.

As these voice assistants gain more and more supporters, we realize that companies also need to adjust to this new “search method” for products and services.

But in practice, how does this affect your webpage?

Simple, if the content developed for your website or blog is built on specific keywords that only rank higher in search engines, as users stop performing “typed” searches and start searching by voice, we realize that no key words will be used, but “key phrases”. 

That means the content must be developed thinking about the user, how he can search for his product/service, using a more objective language and easy to understand.

Many sites today are betting on a bit more technical or even formal content, it is not that the style of writing should change, but only be adapted to what your audience will look for when doing a voice search.


Relevant Content

Applying good SEO techniques to your website is not enough, for as much as the user sees your site among the top search engine choices. If your content does not actually bring something new and interesting to the reader, that user is unlikely to be converted. 

Many users are tired of more of it, search for something on google, and find multiple pages with the same information. It’s essential to bring something new and creative, without losing focus of content, but arousing the desire of the visitor to stay on your site.

In addition to these trends, it is important to always be aware of the practices and news of the digital marketing area. Studying what the market has demanded in this sense, but also studying competing companies, to be always up to date on the theme that is vital for the online success of your strategy. 

Local SEO

Local SEO in 2020 is even more relevant due to the increased use of mobile phones and voice searches.

To do this, you must optimize your Google My Business listing. Another tip that you can use is to get positive opinions of your business and that users photograph the images that they upload. In addition, your website must be optimized for Local SEO.


Mobile first

SEO Trends

The mobile first is not new either, since since 2018 Google indexes the mobile version as the main one, but there are still a large number of websites that are not well optimized for mobile. Although there are more sessions on this device than on a computer, the revenue is still not greater. 

By 2020, revenues from mobile phones will be expected to exceed those of PCs. For this reason, businesses have to apply the UX design in the mobile version of their websites so that users have a good experience when converting. 


User experience

How do you get users to stay on your website? Through a good user experience.

The search engines give more and more importance to the user experience to classify the results: from the loading speed to the good web architecture, every point that affects the user is important.

Google is able to analyse the browsing behaviour that users have. Therefore, your website must have been designed by a UX expert, so that it is easy to navigate through it. In addition, you have to know other factors, such as that it should load in less than 2 seconds.


Artificial intelligence

Since 2015, Google works on an algorithm that implements artificial intelligence called Rankbrain, which is responsible for offering users more relevant content for their searches.

In the coming years, we will find artificial intelligence everywhere, due to the need for companies to collect and analyse data.

With SEO, artificial intelligence allows us to offer personalized content to users, increasing our conversion rate. In addition, it helps us understand how Google uses artificial intelligence, in order to achieve better results.

Another aspect that brings artificial intelligence are chatbots, which use more than 70% of companies. The improvement in chatbots allows companies to have a real-time conversation with their customers, getting them to have a better user experience. The use of chatbots increases the time spent on the users’ page, a factor that improves the SEO of the web.

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