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The first Google results can be considered the biggest rewards in SEO. But what if you could get more clicks even outside the top 3? Exactly. It is possible to get more clicks even if you are not in the top positions.

This is only possible from an important factor: attractiveness. Your result should be more attractive than others. As a result, the chances of clicks are increased.


Structured Data

Structured Data (also known as schema markup) is not a unique SEO name. It is a broad concept in a way. As the name already says, certain data have some organizational structure. They can be data of any type, stored in any structure.

When you do a search for “running shoes size 40” a whole process happens in that short interval of seconds.

Google queries its database for sites with the best possible search content. The more organized the sites are, the better he can understand and display them for his quest for running shoes.

It searches for identifiable patterns to assist in more accurate results. This pattern is achieved through structural organisation. Meaning, when the data is structured, this search becomes more precise.

Technology always seeks pattern, organisation, and better identification. The more organised it is, the better it will process everything and deliver the expected intelligence.

Schema Markup

Structured Data and SEO

Search Engine Optimization is not just about meeting search engine guidelines. It is normal to see SEO strategies targeting Google robots, but users are just as important.

We must produce a faster website or relevant content thinking that it will access our website or consume our text. 

SEO can be defined as “delivering the best search experience to the user, regardless of device and time”. With these two tips in mind, Google and the user, schema markup is great for connecting to our site. While we are more organised for Google, for users we stand out with extra features.


Schema Markup Types

Google’s search is extremely rich, especially when done on mobile and by voice. Remember the definition of SEO?

“Deliver the best search experience to the user, regardless of device and time.”

That’s what Google does, improves the search experience by always focusing on the user. This is the purpose of Enhanced Search. Therefore, there are many types of Structured Data that activate the features:


FAQ Schema 

According to Google, FAQ Schema can be used on any page that contains a list of questions and answers on any particular topic. That means FAQ Schema doesn’t have to be reserved only for company FAQ pages; you can create a “frequently asked questions” resource on any topic and use the Schema to indicate that the content is structured as an FAQ.

FAQ Schema is a particularly exciting new Schema type due to how much real estate it can capture in the organic listings. Marking up your FAQ content can create rich results that absolutely dominate the SERP, with the potential to take up a huge amount of vertical space compared to other listings. 

Screen Shot 2020 02 29 At 15.08.24



This type is intended for content such as News, Blog Posts and Sporting Goods Pages. It can activate several features, such as highlight carousel, highlighted image, title and description larger than normal, among others. For anyone who owns a blog, we strongly recommend the use of Structured Article Data.


Breadcrumb (Current location)

Breadcrumb aims to help the user to know in which position of the website the result page is located. This helps Google go all the way through the pages and categorise the information more accurately. There is also a perception of the depth of the site for the visitor.



Very common on mobile devices, the Carousel provides a greater type of prominence for pages qualified for the resource. In it, the information is side by side, with the option to navigate horizontally between them. News and Recipes are seen most often on carousels.

Screen Shot 2020 02 29 At 15.09.45

Local business

It may appear to have the same function as the Corporate Contact, but the Local Company has other resources. A little more suitable for regional companies, this result is activated both by traditional search and on Google Maps. A card is displayed with a sample of the map, user reviews, photos, opening hours and shortcuts for contact and GPS.



This markup turns a simple product result in something valuable. With this marking for Products, your offer will certainly have a greater attraction in the results.

Get in touch with Cavaon today to find out what schema markup is the best option for your company. 


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