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We understand that managing a company’s digital marketing is not an easy task. There are many aspects of a business that needs to be taken care of in a daily basis: finance, data analysis, project management, purchasing, sales and last but not least, marketing.

The good news is, in the last decade with the development of Software as a Service (SAAS) model cloud software in which companies typically charge a monthly fee for their use, users can have access to several excellent digital marketing tools.

We have listed a few digital marketing tools with free plans for small business:

HootSuite – Social media

HootSuite is a Network Management System to easily manage your accounts on different social networks. In a single dashboard, the tool allows you to schedule posts in several social media channels at the same time, optimizing time and performance when dealing with multiple posts and social media channels.

The company offers a free 30-day trial but also a free plan when you choose up to 3 social networks. It supports multiple accounts and channels on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Foursquare, YouTube, Pinterest and WordPress.

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Mailchimp – Email Marketing

If you are planning an email marketing strategy, Mailchimp can be your best ally! The very user-friendly platform allows you to not only design your own templates but also upload your database into excel and ensures compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) standards.

In addition, you can analyse several points such as:

  • Feedback and the opening rate of your emails;
  • Rejection rate;
  • Whether or not they are being marked as spam;
  • How many people subscribed to your email list;
  • Which channels did you subscribe to the email;

Free membership includes a monthly send out of 12,000 emails, for a maximum of 2,000 people.

Digital Marketing Tools Sydney


Hubspot – CRM

Briefly, HubSpot CRM is a software that allows you to control the sales process easily, allowing complete management of leads, prospects and sales pipeline. So far nothing very different from the others, besides gratuity, right? Well, the big difference is in the design of the software, in the functionalities and flexibility in adapting the stages of sales to the customer, integrating marketing and sales in one place, generating a unique and personalized experience along the way.

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Canva – Design

Canva is an online service that aims to be an uncomplicated tool for creating design and image editing pieces.

If creating original pieces is part of your online marketing strategy, Canva is the best solution. The tool is super intuitive and has many features, including uploading your own images. Among other functionalities, the service allows you to create pieces for social networks, posters, resumes, YouTube video covers, slide shows, and create virtual identity creation for brands. Canva is free, but you need to pay to use some templates and images from the database.

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Slack – Communication

Defining what Slack is in a nutshell: a comprehensive communication platform for your company, with features that resemble a chat that also makes video calls, but with much more customization and interaction capacity among the participants, as well as commands agile and easy to share the most diverse types of files. Many big companies use Slack as primarily form of communication, either through sharing documents or the loved gifs. And it’s totally free.

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Trello – Project management

Trello is a task manager that allows you to organize activities in a shared way with a team member, a virtual framework system for managing daily tasks, in a dynamic and visually pleasing way.

It allows the creation of several tables (Project A, B or C) and columns divided by task status (To Do / In Progress / Revision / Completed). Within each column, you can add one or more cards with a description of the tasks to be performed.

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Bonus – Free stock photos

Whoever runs a business knows that it is not always easy to find quality images. When looking for free images, this can be an even bigger problem. These are free image banks with no copyrights:

Free Photo Bank

Free Images





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