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2019 it’s almost at its end and is now time to think about next year’s strategies for your company. It is essential to keep up with the trends in Digital Marketing: Knowing which are the booming channels, the strategies that seem to be more effective, what is losing effectiveness….

These forecasts give the possibility to innovate and bet on strategies that are consolidated based on the experience of the professionals that every day we see the evolution of a sector that is constantly changing and that can offer you a competitive advantage with respect to your competition.

So, what are the trends in digital marketing in 2020?


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Voice searches

This already had its peak in 2019, but in 2020 Alexa, Google Home, Homepod and others will be fashionable. We are in the ‘beginnings’ of dogmatization through these tools and there is a lot of juice to be taken out.

As more people use these tools, more information will be collected, and the results offered by voice searches will be better understood.

Certainly, SEO will have to focus even more on this type of search, so offering optimal content with these issues in mind will be very useful.

Quick answers

In line with the above, when you search for something by voice you want (in many cases) quick answers, get to the point, do not find the typical article of 2000 words to position.

If we look for ‘what are the colours of the rainbow’ we don’t want to know why it is produced, where to see it and more content used to create long and quality texts.

What we are looking for now are short answers and to be told directly what the colours of the rainbow are, as if we were driving and we needed to know quickly to take one street or another.

This is already observed by Google and is what it offers as Featured Snippets, which are summaries of the most relevant article content and that in one part of it answers the question.

However, not always the best-positioned article for a topic, in this case ‘rainbow colours’, is the one that best responds clearly and concisely to the specific question.

Will Google continue to show featured snippets of the best-positioned articles for the topic we are looking for? Will it begin to offer fragments of other articles perhaps not so well-positioned but that respond more directly? Will it stop giving importance to the extension of the text and other SEO optimization factors and give more to the text, although 300 words in question, is more useful in response?

WhatsApp Business

Digital Marketing Trends

While in China both companies and users used WeChat, an application that takes the lead in all its aspects to WhatsApp, the latter is the most used in Australia.

WhatsApp has long incorporated WhatsApp Business, but it is something that can still get a lot more into society and companies, making it more widely used and in many more ways.

If WhatsApp Business gives a boost this year, we can see substantial changes in its options such as lightning deals, groups, lists, Facebook-style walls and much more.

More and more courses

The courses have become the business of the century, wherever you look there are courses of all kinds, at all prices and all modalities.

Google has noticed and like offering bus routes and schedules without having to enter the transport consortium website, and we have no doubt that it will do the same with online courses, acting as an intermediary and buying them directly to him.

Google monopolization

As with the sale of courses, collaborative consumption and the sale of second-hand products is growing. If Google wants, it will start doing the same in these sectors and it will be shipped to companies.

In summary, Google could first follow the following 2 ways:

It will jump to companies and offer a platform for people to do the same functions

It will offer results like in Google Shopping, it will be an intermediary of other companies such as Amazon and it will take its commission. Have you thought about the importance of doing SEO on Amazon?

However, it should be noted that I see this as gradual and will not have its great moment in 2020, as Google would finally accuse monopoly.

Facebook integration – Instagram – WhatsApp

As we know, Facebook bought Instagram and WhatsApp. However, much is missing for an ideal integration between these platforms.

Like Google, if Facebook gets the batteries this year, it can offer a new platform with a multitude of functions.

Among these, again the sale of second-hand products and again, something similar to WeChat, which I would define as the greatest example of the integration of what these 3 platforms could be together.

Specialised networks

The content is beginning to be obsolete, as we have pointed out we suffer from intoxication. We search something on Google and find 3 million results with answers, 300 YouTubers making videos and a few thousand infographics.

However, how much? And who writes all that? Unfortunately, in the meantime the quality is lost, distinguishing between all that content and the truthful and useful content is complicated, hence the need for specialized networks or vertical networks.


Digital Marketing Trends

Something that to date has worked very well for SEO has been the tutorials. These are considered by Google as quality content and useful for the user.

Therefore, tutorials in the field of digital marketing such as how to audit the digitalisation of your business on the internet, how to position in Google etc., will have a great weight and will continue to position during 2019, even more if they are optimized and updated.

More ads

Yes, Facebook and other social networks will remain free (at least open a profile or page on them). But if more companies want to digitise and get into the online world (and this will continue to grow) it means they will pay because their ads are seen to achieve their goals.

This will have an obvious conclusion and is that social networks will seek their techniques so that users consume more ads.

Everyone wants to be Influencer

The rise of this job has been abysmal in recent years, and although not everyone can be influencers, many have remained as micro-influencers, something that is also demanded and useful for many companies.

Interest in this job will generate new micro-influencers in less exploited niches and therefore more market options and a boom in influencers marketing as well as in companies that are dedicated to this sector.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence cannot be ignored in any article about digital marketing trends, whether 2017, 2018, 2019 or 2020. AI will always take a place.

Within the AI ​​it is worth noting the chatbots because little by little we can talk more humanely with them. There are a few tests that are performed daily to achieve the best communication and thereby facilitating work processes.

As for the latter, work processes bring CRM to the stage.

These CRMs and as a direct consequence of big data, digitalization, AI and other factors, are necessary in large companies to facilitate these processes and make digital marketing much more effective.


2020 seems like an exciting year for the world of digital marketing even without knowing for sure what it will hold. However, we have been able to give some guidelines to be prepared and face it, pointing out some typical and less typical trends that will happen, that could happen and should happen.

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