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In today’s highly competitive markets, any advantage over your competitors can make a huge difference. Having a chatbot on your website, especially when your competitor doesn’t, might be what you’re lacking to persuade potential customers.

As the Internet evolves, consumers become more experienced and expect more from businesses. Often, they seek to make transactions with the help of an attendant, just as they would in a physical store.

Imagine what would happen if a customer with a problem wanted to contact your company and you only have one phone number to answer the call, and the line is busy. If the customer is impatient, he will soon look for another company that meets his needs immediately.

Installing a chatbot system on your company’s website can solve this problem, because this tool facilitates communication, bringing several advantages to companies. Here are some of them:


Chatbots Increase Customer Satisfaction

Customers nowadays have become impatient. They want their questions to be answered instantly and the delay in communication can make the prospect look for another company.

Even when interested, many users do not purchase if they still have unanswered questions. The online chat supports your customers with answers to their questions in real-time, which increases the level of satisfaction.

The live chat platform even allows the company to send pre-established text responses to frequently asked questions from website users.


Chat Platforms Have Instant Service 

This customer service is simple to perform when the company places a person or a team, permanently in front of the computer during office hours. The service can even be done through a smartphone whether Android or iOS.

In this digital age in which we live, consumer expectations and demands are expanding, which increases the importance of customer service in the digital environment. According to this research, 83% of consumers worldwide need some form of support when they browse a web page.


To carry out good chatbot management, these are some things to be mindful:

  • Always have a person available to answer in the chat: It is irritating for the customer to have to wait several minutes to be answered on the phone. That is why it is important to always have a person available for online assistance.
  • Call the customer if you are unable to resolve the order via chat: operators of this service cannot always resolve a problem through chat, so be prepared to serve the customer via a phone call.
  • Immediate service: All conversations that start in the chat must be dealt with more quickly than those made by email. This is what the customer expects when accessing this channel available on the company’s website or virtual store.
  • Select operators: Not all call center operators, for example, are suitable for answering chats. Assess the qualification of employees to deal with customers over the internet.


The Advantages of a Chatbot in Your Website

  • Easy installation: Chat functions can be added to your website in just a few minutes.
  • Design: It is possible to select a professional and visually attractive look to please the website visitors.
  • Proactive chat: Automatically stimulates conversation with site visitors.
  • Visitor monitoring: When chatting with a user, you can see the pages of the website they are viewing.
  • We are not available: If there are no operators available, the chat status automatically changes to “leave your message”.
  • Operator available: When the customer consults, whether it is a product, service or a technical question, access to a person is automatic via chat.
  • Increases sales: According to the above research, customers who use the chat on the site end up buying, unlike other forms of contact.
  • Trust: When the customer sees that someone is on the other side of the machine answering their questions and worrying about their shopping experience, they feel more secure in doing business with the company. This will certainly increase confidence in your business.


Response Speed 


It is evident that the speed of response to the consultation of a person interested in a product or service increases the likelihood that he will become a customer. Chat is also a valuable marketing tool for companies.

An integral part of the value offered by an online chat system is that the conversation takes place immediately when the visitor is browsing your website. Service can be done through various devices, such as computers, notebooks, smartphones, and tablets.

Possibly most of the information sought by the customer is already on your website. Unlike telephone communication, in which you must guide you to click on the right page, chat allows a link to be sent for easy access.

Online chat offers the visitor an immediacy that the phone, e-mail and even social networks do not offer. In the case of an e-mail, the period of time between sending and receiving the response may cause the person to change their mind about the purchase, or find another alternative.

The chatbot tool can be used by the operator to serve several people at the same time, without giving up on the quality of service. This also reduces costs.


Here at Cavaon we can help you to find and implement the best live chat for your company. 


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